7 best reasons to host your wedding in Sri Lanka

Destination wedding Sri Lanka

The day of your wedding is going to be magical for the two of you; no matter where the vows are exchanged at. Your friends and family being with you at this moment will only increase that magical glow for you. But despite this, it’s worth noting that exchanging your vows on an exotic destination will make this moment special not only for you, but for the guests attending your wedding as well. Here are our top reasons for saying Sri Lanka, the little island country snug in the Indian ocean, is the ideal place for your special day.

01. Its becoming popular by the day

We won’t be exaggerating if we tell you that Instagram loves Sri Lanka! In fact, it has plenty of such “gram-worthy” spots to not only keep your wedding guests happy, but also make your pre-wedding shoot look amazing. It’s a pleasant side benefit that your wedding guests, who are most undoubtedly your nearest and dearest, get to tick Sri Lanka off their travel bucket list!

02. It has plenty of options for a pre-wedding getaway

Pre-wedding getaways have gained popularity steadily in the last few years. Starting out as a “celebrity trend”, this movement of taking a holiday prior to all the stress involving a wedding makes so much sense, that is it now opted for by nearly every chilled-out couple! Sri Lanka has plenty of places you could relax at; be it that it’s the sunny beach towns like Mirissa or Tangalle, or the cooler towns of Ella and Nuwara-eliye.

03. Its picturesque view; giving you the perfect natural backdrop

Beach Weddings Sri Lanka

More often than not, wedding days are so overwhelming, you tend to forget bits and pieces of the day as time moves forward. You wouldn’t remember key moments of the day without a little prompting. This is where wedding photography becomes so important. And while it is true that most photographers nowadays can create fantastic photographs with nearly nothing to work with, having picturesque views and props to begin with can make their task a breeze.

04. Its stunning sunsets; a perfect prop for an evening wedding

The mental image that most people get for a beach wedding is the bride and groom standing under a flower arch, their hair pleasantly wind tousled, their skin sun kissed. However, in reality, not everyone who wants a beach wedding wants to be drying out in the sunshine while the scorching sun beats down on them. This is especially true if your wedding destination happens to be in a tropical and humid place like Sri Lanka. A great alternative for this would be to host an evening wedding, around sunset. The setting sun can create the perfect backdrop for your life changing moment; and by the time you’re ready for the dinner and dancing, romantic candles can be arranged to make you look magical.

05. It’s plenty of fun activities to keep your wedding guests occupied

If the wedding party is to arrive at the wedding destination ahead of the day, as is the norm, then arranging for some entertainment is a must. However, the last thing you (as the bride or groom) need during these few hours before your big moment is to stress about how to entertain your guests. Lucky for you, Sri Lankans are experts at hosting guests, and keeping them occupied! If the beaches and the food doesn’t keep your guests occupied, then it’s very easy to organize something along the line of a day tour or even a shopping expedition for them.

06. It’s can be the ideal romantic honeymoon destination…

Citrus Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

One of the many reasons for which destination weddings are so popular, is the fact that after the wedding, and the guests leave (taking the chaos with them), the bride and groom can jump right into enjoying their honeymoon instead of having to fly off to a separate destination. This not only saves travel expenses, but also saves time. And the benefits of a destination wedding in Sri Lanka is that it has so many secluded and romantic honeymoon spots; you’d  be spoilt for choices!

07. …or can be an amazing adventure honeymoon destination

Discover the beauty of Sri Lanka with Citrus

If you’re not one for lazing around the beach even on your honeymoon, then it is adventure that you crave. Lucky for you, Sri Lanka has plenty of adventurous activities for you to try out. Hikes through national parks and adventure trails in mountain ranges, water sports, zip-lining, safaris, waterfall hunting, camping under the starts in private islands…you name it, Sri Lanka has it!