Top benefits of Spa treatments for physical and mental health

It’s been a hectic week at work. The clients have been difficult, and your boss has been unusually impossible to work with. At the end of this gruesome week, your colleagues are planning on setting appointments for spa therapy, and insisting you join them.

But you have to ask; is a spa treatment actually good for your physical and metal health?

If you ask our opinion, we’d give you a definite “yes”! Here are our reasons for saying so.

It promotes better sleep which in turn helps you be more alert and active

It’s universally known that good sleep is imperative to feel energized and active. Skipping a few hours one night a week may not feel so bad, but doing so continuously can set a pattern going; making it difficult for you to fall asleep even when you actually have no reason to stay awake. This leads to you constantly feeling tired and sluggish, having difficulties concentrating, and even makes you short tempered. A spa therapy session can help to promote better sleep, and reset your internal alarm. This in turn will help you feel more alert and active, giving new life to your everyday living.

 It improves heart health

In today’s world, where we hardly have time to eat healthy, sleep enough, manage our stress levels or exercise regularly, it’s hardly surprising that we’re all unhealthy in general. Due to this, unlike in the decades before when heart diseases and conditions were considered an issue primarily faced by the elderly, we are now at a time and age where even younger people are battling with heart issues. And while a good spa therapy cannot solve such diseases, they can be an excellent way to avoid it to begin with.

It helps with weight loss

Loosing weight is no easy feat, and there could be a few stubborn pounds that simply refuses to shed off, despite all your trying. And while exercising and a proper diet is the best way to lose weight, you could give those last few pounds a gentle nudge on the right direction by opting for a weight reducing spa treatment. Spa wraps and body sculpting are the options for you here. Remember that sometimes, though the outside world doesn’t realize, it feels like it is those few extra pounds of fat that’s standing between you and your happiness, so it’s worth giving a shot. 

It clears your skin which in turn boosts your self confidence

Skin blemishes and acne may not seem like a life threatening problem to those who haven’t experience it, but we understand that it can take a heavy hit on your self-confident. While acne can be painful and make you hyper aware of its existence, the scars that they leave behind are not easy to deal with either. For the most part, a proper diet, sufficient sleep, keeping an eye on your hormones, sufficient hydration and the proper skin care routine can make a huge difference on your acne¾though that seems impossible to achieve. Depending on the type of your acne, even a spa session will make a difference both on your acne and scars. And while there are plenty of spas around the island for such treatments, we suggest opting for a high end, luxury Hikkaduwa spa at Citrus Hikkaduwa for sanitary reasons, and to get the best results.

It helps to reduce stress

Like we have mentioned above, today’s world is one that is highly stressful. Our relationships, domestic responsibilities, careers, and the sheer compulsion to prove ourselves can put a great strain on our mind. Not taking care of your stress levels not only puts you physically in harm, but also mentally. And while we certainly agree that a hot bath and some quality time with loved ones can do wonders to reduce stress, an occasional spa session can benefit you here as well. Remember, the goal is to getaway and relax.

It puts you in a general good mood which in turn affects your work and relationships

If you’ve ever been for a spa session, you’d know that once you’re done with it, you feel really good. You’re happy and feeling relaxed and stress free. This is because massaging releases a hormone named Serotonin within your body; a hormone that puts your body into a “feel good” state. This is the same feeling you’d get if you exercise or think of a happy memory.

Despite all the benefits that we’ve mentioned above, we understand that spa treatments are not everyone’s “cup of tea”. However, it is also true that unless you give it a try, you’ll never know if it’s going to be your “go-to” action after a heavy week at work…!