Best beaches to spend your romantic getaway in Sri Lanka

In today’s world, where we hardly take time for ourselves, relationships are hard to maintain. This is largely due to the fact that we simply don’t put enough effort into our relationships, allowing them to wither away. In our opinion, a romantic getaway is a must for not only new couples, but also those who are seeking to keep their relationship always fresh. Spending time away from everyone who knows you and every form of distractions gives you the opportunity to understand and appreciate each other in a deeper level. We also love the idea of pre-wedding getaways, and believe beaches are the best for these kind of vacations. If you’re considering Sri Lanka for your romantic getaway, we must say you’ve made the perfect choice!

Spoilt with breathtaking beaches and some of the prettiest sunrises and sunsets you’ll see on this part of the world, creating a romantic atmosphere in this pretty tropical island is no major feat. Here are a few suggestions of the prettiest and most romantic beaches and beach destination of Sri Lanka; so that you too will agree that this is the perfect island for a romantic getaway.


Located 65km away from the capital city, Bentota is a coastal town in the Southern province of the island. You can easily travel to Bentota via a train or bus journey. At Bentota, apart from the sunbathing and having romantic meals by the sea, there are plenty of other attractions to keep your getaway lively and romantic. One of the most romantic attractions would be a diving adventure, as Bentota is a popular diving spot of the island. If you’ve never done it before, you could easily enroll in a diving school in the area; learning something together will only strengthen your bond with each other. Apart from diving, you could also try other water sports to keep you occupied at the beach. If you don’t want your getaway to be only about the sand and the sea, take the time to explore the Kosgoda turtle conservation, visit the Brief garden or partake in the Madu river safari.


Situated 40km from Colombo, Kalutara is a major city in the Western province of Sri Lanka. Once again, you can take a train or bus ride to get there from the capital, or choose to opt for a romantic and long car ride. If you choose a car ride, make sure it’s not during the busy hours of the day to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Due to its fame, there are plenty of options when it comes to Kalutara hotels; to suit any budget. Apart from the romantic sunsets and pretty beaches, Kalutara is also famous for the Pahiyangala Cave; the largest cave of the island. The cave houses a 40-foot-long reclining Buddha statue. Myths around the area suggest the renown monk Faxian once used to occupy the cave; giving it another name¾The Fa Hian cave. If you’re interested in waterfall hunting, and are up for a romantic adventure, consider taking a small detour to Thudugala Ella. This waterfall may not be very large, but is very charming. The easy trek to the falls will certainly interest the adventurous side in you, while still being easy to manage for the inexperienced. For a truly romantic time, climb further up; until you find the secluded pool that will serve to be your own private bath. To best enjoy the waterfall, aim to arrive at the falls early, before the locals and other tourists arrive.


Whether or not you’ve heard of the other beaches we’ve mentioned here, if you have done even the slightest research on Sri Lanka, you are sure to have come across pictures and information on Mirissa. Located 150km from Colombo, and in the South coast of the island, Mirissa is one of the most famous coastal towns of the island. A relatively small town, it has quite a few romantic beaches for you to choose from. Catching the sunset from parrot rock or coconut tree hill will be an unforgettable experience to the two of you. However, this little town is so popular with the tourists due to its Instagram-feed-friendliness; from murals on the walls, to breath taking views, this town has it all! Alternative to spending your entire getaway at the beach, you could also surf and go on a whale and dolphin watching trip. Remember that there’s a season for watching these large aquatic mammals; so plan your trip accordingly. Most of the town closes down by 10 pm, but will be up with the sun. This ensures time alone for couples, as there’s nothing much to do except snuggle in your comfortable hotel rooms. 


With its location 195km from Colombo, Tangalle is a hustling and bustling town in the Southern province of Sri Lanka. This town has historical importance to the locals, as it was town used as anchorage by both British and Dutch invaders. Nowadays, Tangalle is famous for its long stretches of sandy beaches, its numerous hotels and the fantastic and fresh seafood available in the area. If natural oddities interest you, Sri Lanka’s one and only natural “blow hole” is just a short distance from the town. The sound from the blow hole can be heard to quite a distance, so you’ll not have a hard time finding it! Tangalle is also a diving spot for the island, and here too you will be able to find schools and instructors with ease. Other attractions of the area include visiting the Kalametiya Bird sanctuary, Turtle watch Rakawa, and for a religious experience, the Mulkirigala Rock Monastery. The sea is also suitable for surfing, for both the experienced, or those wanting to learn.


The beaches of Tricomalee has received much love from locals and tourists alike for decades now. With a culture so vastly different from most of the island, this major resort port city is located 237km from Colombo, in the Eastern province of the island. Fondly known as “Trinco” by the locals, this city has some of the island’s most famous beaches, and also proudly boasts of having one of the finest natural deep water harbors in the world. The perfect location to catch some of the island’s prettiest sunrises, Trinco is best travelled to via a train ride or bus ride. We advice against travelling by road, as the journey is simply too long and tedious. Once again, due to its popularity, you will have a variety of hotel options to choose from; with and without the sea view. Apart from the romantic beaches, Trinco is also famous for its historically important and religious sites. If you’re familiar with the Indian epic, The Ramayana, you will be intrigued to know that the area is believed to have a connection to the epic. Apart from sight seeing and stealing romantic moments at the beach, at Trinco, you are also able to snorkel, due to the clearness of the water. Most parts of the sea around Trinco is relatively shallow, and is safe even for the most inexperienced swimmer.