If you’re planning a holiday in Sri Lanka, and hoping to visit around the island during your stay, one of the best places to start your island journey is from Kalutara. Thought it’s a significantly large and commercial town, it’s less popular with the tourists; giving you a perfect fresh start on the island journey, without all the hustle and bustle. Starting your journey from Kalutara also means you get to experience Sri Lanka in it’s more commercial area; as opposed to the more remote areas popular with tourists.

The best times to visit Kalutara

While Sri Lanka has great weather almost all year long, certain parts of the country are best enjoyed during certain months of the year. When it comes to visiting the city of Kalutara, the most ideal time would be between the months of January to April, and then November to December. During this period, this area of the island has mild weather and predictable rain. The water is also in a pleasant warmth, making bathing in the waves a fun experience for all age groups. This period is also the ideal time to host a wedding at the beach, and there are plenty of Kalutara hotels for weddings that can make this experience memorable. 

The beaches of Kalutara

The beaches at Kalutara are more suitable for bathing than swimming, as the sea in this area can be quite steep. However, if you’re a good swimmer, and the waves are calm enough, you may attempt to swim in the safe areas. We recommend the Kalutara beaches for sun bathing, picnicking and romantic meals with the sunset. An interesting fact to be noted here is that the Kalu river flows into the ocean at a close proximity to the Kalutara beach, adding to the already tranquil scenery…

Spa and massage treatments

Like most other parts of Sri Lanka, Kalutara too has many options when it comes to Spas and massage treatments. This is ideal if you’re feeling jetlagged, or still tired from your journey to the island, and need to refresh your body to truly enjoy Sri Lanka. However, if you want to experience a truly luxurious experience, we suggest you only get such treatments done at the high-end places; such as spas attached to hotels. These Spas are better equipped and guarantee you’ll have a pleasurable time.

Other tourist attractions

Apart from the ever attractive beaches, there are plenty of other tourist attraction options for you to try out at Kalutara. Here are some of the most popular attractions;

What to pack for Kalutara?

Packing for Kalutara is no different from packing for other parts of the island. To cover the basics, make sure to pack plenty of clothes suitable for warm weather, suntan lotions and cover-ups to protect yourself from the harsh weather while not sunbathing, hiking shoes if you plan on being a little adventurous, comfortable sandals for touring, and at least one full sleeved dress or long pants if you want to visit the religious sites.

Most importantly, make sure to pack a high definition camera with extra memory, as Sri Lanka is filled with places you’d want to treasure memories of.