Want to have a wedding that’s truly memorable? Consider travelling to the tropical jungle paradise of Sri Lanka to have a unique, outstanding ceremony that will seem like a dream come true. Having a wedding in another country is no easy matter however, and if the planning is not handled right, it can cause you a lot of stress. But don’t worry, here are some tips on how to plan a stress free, successful wedding in Sri Lanka.

1. Visit the country

It may sound obvious, but your safest bet is to visit the country and location before you book the place. Doing so will allow you to assess the locations you peruse and choose the one that you truly like best. Booking online may mean that when you arrive, the location might be slightly different from what you saw or imagined! However, If that’s not possible, then make sure to arrive at least a week to a few days before the wedding itself so you can supervise the arrangements yourself and spare yourself any nasty surprises that you could not anticipate. This will also allow you to get a feel for the culture of the country, so that you can be inspired regarding things like decoration, food and the like. It would also help to know the surroundings of the location, so that you can anticipate what kind of territory you and your guests will have to get through to get to the location. For example, wedding halls in Kalutara tend to be close to the beach, so you can figure out if you’d like to incorporate that in your wedding or not.

2. Hire a good wedding planner

Preferably a local! They will be able to handle everything on this side of the country, being your eyes and ears on the ground. They can also put you in touch with local florists, caterers, photographers, makeup artists and any other service that you need on your big day. This will greatly reduce the costs that you will incur (you won’t need to pay for the plane ticket for your photographer, for example) and will also inject your wedding with some local flavour! Trust your planner to sort out the smaller issues by themselves, as insisting on okay-ing every single situation might stagnate the planning process somewhat. Stay involved, though, so that you are assured to love how your day turns out!

(Image credits: Pixabay.com)

3. Pick your theme

Sri Lanka is a diverse country in every possible way – whether culture, language, religion or natural features. Therefore, you’ll have to pick the theme of your wedding. Are you going for a fairy-tale wedding in a lavish ballroom? Do you want your guests to be able to head down to the beach after the ceremony? Or perhaps you want your ceremony on the sands itself, exchanging vows as the sun goes down. You may even want to go in the opposite direction, and have your wedding in the tea country! Will you have a traditional European or Sri Lankan theme? Maybe an unconventional wedding? These are all questions to consider! Your theme and scale will tell you what kind of budget you will be able to keep to, as well as how many guests to invite. The theme will also influence other decisions such as your outfits and décor and party favours.

4. Dress right!

Keep in mind that the Sri Lankan climate is usually hot and humid, so if you plan on having an outdoors wedding then make or buy your dresses and suits accordingly. Materials that are light and flowy work best, so opt for lace, linen, silk and cotton in lieu of brocade or satin. However, if you want to have a wedding indoors or in the mountains then you can use something heavier. Figure out if you’d like to have a shawl or some kind of covering that you can remove if it gets warm. Make sure the bridesmaid’s dresses are also comfy, and that the groomsmen’s outfits won’t be susceptible to stains. Don’t forget to mention in the invitation that your guests should dress accordingly as well. If you feel like it, you may even wish to wear traditional Sri Lankan wedding outfits. These are available for hire and can make your day extra special! They will also look spectacular in photographs, and will help make your day inked in your mind indelibly.